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Our commitment to you.

Beauty without compromise.

Our mission is to bring the world highly effective, innovative products that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

We never compromise on the gentleness of the ingredients we use, the quality of our products or the effectiveness of our formulas. We want you to feel good about yourself from the inside out, and that includes trusting what you choose to put on your skin.

After all, we believe you deserve nothing less.

Three key values behind everything we do.

When you take a stand for zero compromise, you take a stand for well-being, great experiences and accessibility. At Marcelle, every step of every process is filtered through these time-tested pillars.

  • Skin safety you can trust

    We believe in creating skin care that is effective and profoundly gentle, so we don’t rest until we know our products are among the safest on the market, even for sensitive skin. We use ingredients we trust and put our formulas through rigorous clinical and in-use testing. None of our products contains fragrance, the leading source of allergens. The result? Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free skin care perfectly suited to all skin types.

  • Quality you can enjoy

    We don’t think being gentle should ever exclude effectiveness—in fact, the gentleness of our formulas takes them to the next level. That’s why we strive for formulas that are powerfully effective while remaining simple and skin-friendly. We carefully select ingredients and packaging that reflect cutting-edge technologies in the skin care field, so we can deliver a beautiful experience to your skin.

  • Accessibility you can count on

    Nothing makes us happier than putting safe, high-quality products in the hands of our customers. We will never cut corners on our formulas or packaging while we work to make affordably-priced products everyone can enjoy.

Here's how we deliver beauty without compromise.

We believe full transparency is a beautiful thing. Here are the ways we continue our tradition of bringing you the very best.

  • Did you know fragrances are the number one allergens in skin care and cosmetic formulas? That’s why we don’t add fragrance, natural or synthetic, to our products. The scent of our formulas is the result of a careful selection of only the safest ingredients.

  • Our primary mission is always to meet the safety and efficacy standards we have set for ourselves, even as we prioritize naturally derived ingredients to deliver the simplest, most effective skin care. Nature is full of ingredients that support skin health, but if a natural ingredient does not meet our standards, we look to the safest and most effective synthetic alternative.

  • We do not condone or conduct animal testing here at our lab in Montreal, or anywhere in the world.

  • Our team of scientific experts screens and tests every formula we manufacture. Chemists, dermatologists and ophthalmologists work tirelessly to ensure our products are safe for your skin, eyes, lips and more. If we say it, we have tested it.

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  • Allergens pose a threat to the health and comfort of your skin, so we have spent over a century developing products that contain no unnecessary irritants. The term “hypoallergenic” refers to a product that has been carefully formulated to reduce the risk of allergic reaction. While we cannot eliminate every potential allergy from your world, we can continue to design products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

  • We are dedicated to ensuring that our rigorous quality and safety standards respect or exceed Health Canada’s regulatory norms.

  • When the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) started the Skin Health Program in 2013, we were honoured to be the first brand to receive recognition. Today, over 50 of our skin care and colour products are CDA recognized, underscoring our deep commitment to non-comedogenic formulas with minimal contact allergens. Marcelle is also the first cosmetic brand to have makeup products recognized by the CDA, and we couldn’t be more proud.

  • What are other ways we take care of your skin? Wherever possible, most of our products are free of parabens, gluten, mineral oil, denatured alcohol, soap, sulfates, latex, dibutyl phtalate and DMAE. We’re constantly looking for ways to bring gentle, healthy ingredients to your skin.