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Talc-Free Makeup

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What is talc?

Talc is a mineral of magnesium silicate. In cosmetic products, talc is used for its absorbent and adherent properties. It helps reduce shine and improves the hold of formulas. It is found especially in powdered products and in certain foundations.

Why go talc-free?

The use of cosmetics that contain it in pressed powder form would not present any health risks, but could still have irritant potential for certain skin types. In order to offer beauty products without compromise, Marcelle has developed talc replacement solutions for its loose, pressed, bronzer and powder blushes.

Mica and silicon dioxide are used in pressed powders, and corn and tapioca starch have replaced talc in loose powders. These ingredients have the same benefits as talc, but are safer.

New sustainable packaging

Made from 85% recycled materials, the plastic in these new packaging, with the exception of loose powders, has already been and may still be recycled, reducing the amount of plastic that needs to be manufactured.

Beauty without compromise

Talc-Free Makeup