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How to choose your eye makeup remover

How to choose the best eye makeup remover for you

Eyes deserve to be treated gently and with proper care when we remove makeup from that sensitive area. The variety of available eye makeup removers is extensive and proposes various textures:

  • • Liquids: with or without oil, dual phase and micellar waters
  • • Cream formulas: milk or cream destined to be used specifically on and around the eyes
  • • Gels
  • • Single use on-the-go products: premoistened pads and cloths in resealable containers

With so many options to choose from, it`s not always easy to know which product is best for your personal needs. The following tips and information will help you select the best eye makeup remover for your eyes.

Eye makeup removers: with or without oil?

The first noticeable difference is in the texture, of course, but what an oil-based eye makeup remover excels at is removing waterproof mascara, long-wearing makeup and kissproof lipstick. In addition, it will work miracles on getting rid of any glittery product you may use to adorn your look. Moreover, an oil-based remover will cleanse your lids and lashes rapidly and effortlessly. No pulling on the skin and no persistent rubbing of the lashes. No muss, no fuss!

One of Canada’s most beloved oil-based eye makeup removers is Marcelle’s Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes. It’s no surprise that it’s by the number one eye makeup remover brand in Canada! This formula is fortified with cucumber extract to soothe the delicate eye contour and adds a fresh, cooling sensation to the experience.

If you prefer a ready-to-use cloth, the Hydrating Makeup-Removing Cleansing Cloths are a wise choice. They are also great to cleanse the face and neck and ideal for normal to dry skin types.

Secret tips for using oil-based eye makeup removers

If you love using oily formulas because of the quick and effortless results they provide, but you’re not entirely fond of the sensation of the oil on your skin, try these pro tips:

1) Soak your cotton pad with tap water and wring it between your hands. Next apply your oil-based eye makeup remover and proceed with the usual cleansing routine using one side only. When you are done, turn to the clean side and gently wipe away the oil.

2) After cleansing your eyes with the oil-based eye makeup remover of your choice, apply micellar solution to a clean cotton pad. Gently wipe your eyes clean and flip the pad over to use the micellar solution on the rest of your face and neck.

To find out how to remove your eye makeup without harming lashes and pulling at the skin, check out our “How to remove eye makeup effectively and gently” tips from the article "How to care for your eye contour – Best practices ".

Oil-free eye makeup removers

They feel as light as water and yet they can still manage to easily take away most eye makeup, with the noteworthy exception of waterproof mascara. Oil-free formulas leave the skin clean and without any residue on the skin, so they are perfect if you are going to reapply eye makeup afterwards.

Recent technologies have allowed cosmetic labs to develop solutions that combine the best of both worlds: the light sensation of an oil-free formula with the efficacy of an oil-based makeup remover, resulting in a cushy, most luxurious oil-free makeup-removal experience.

The best eye makeup removers for lash extensions

If you have lash extensions or have had them in the past, the technician surely warned you to avoid all oils near your lashes so as not to ruin the glue, causing your lashes to fall out one by one. Oil-free formulas are a must when your lashes have been enhanced. The Marcelle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Lotion is a safe choice for both the eyes and lash extensions.

Sensitive eyes: choosing the safest products

First and foremost, select an eye makeup remover which is safe and gentle for the eyes. Look for products identified “for sensitive eyes.” Formulas that have been ophthalmologist tested come with the reassuring guarantee they are safe and mild enough for sensitive eyes and have been tested in a laboratory under medical surveillance to that effect.

Avoid foaming products to remove your eye makeup, since the foaming ingredients can easily sting and irritate the eyes. It is best to use separate face and eye makeup removers, unless the formula specifies that it can safely be used on both.

Marcelle offers a wide variety of eye makeup removers which have all been recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) as part of the Skin Health Program. This accreditation means you can trust that the product is either fragrance free or unscented, is formulated without any of the most common allergens and has low potential for irritation. In addition to being recognized by the CDA, all Marcelle eye makeup removers are:

  • • Fragrance free
  • • Hypoallergenic
  • • Ophthalmologically tested
  • • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Micellar waters and how they work

Micellar water or solutions are based on a technology that micro-emulsifies impurities. The micelles, microscopic molecules, act like infinitely tiny magnets that attract, lift away and capture oil, makeup and other impurities on the surface of the skin, requiring no rinse. Micelles work gently, without irritating the skin, even the most intolerant ones. They are ideal for sensitives eyes and sensitive skin in general.

What are the benefits of using micellar water?

The advantage of using micellar water, in addition to its utterly light formula, is that it checks many boxes on the skin care regimen list at once. Micellar solutions leave the skin fresh and remove makeup or cleanser residue on the surface of the epidermis, along with sweat and sebum too. Not only do they leave the skin clean, but they can also replace the toner in your makeup regimen. Bonus points for using multifunctional products!

Which micellar water is best for my skin type?

Even though micellar waters are suitable for most skin types, a variety of formulas ensure the best fit with personal preferences and individual skin needs. If you are using waterproof makeup or suffer from very dry skin, opt for a micellar solution with an oil base. Argan oil is recognized as a deep conditioner that has nourishing properties for hair. Not only does it dissolve waterproof mascara and makeup easily and effortlessly, it will also help condition, moisturize and fortify lashes. Dry or dehydrated skin may benefit from a boost of hyaluronic acid and a good dose of glycerin to moisturize the skin while cleaning it with the utmost gentleness. If you favour oil-free formulas on your face and eyes, cooling formulas enriched with aloe vera promise to leave the skin exceptionally clean, soothed and refreshed. The Micellar Water for Oily Skin is also supplemented with witch hazel extract, known to be a good astringent for oily and acne-prone skin.

Choosing an eye makeup remover that is just right

Consider the following tips before purchasing your next eye makeup remover:

    1) Analyze the type of eye makeup you use most frequently (waterproof, long lasting or regular). Do you need an oil-based product or it’s not necessary?

    2) With that in mind, opt for your favorite product texture. Using your eye makeup remover should be a pleasant sensory experience.

    3) Trust the results. Does the eye makeup remover easily get the job done or do you need a few takes before your lashes and lids are entirely clear?

Marcelle allows you to choose the safest product that is best adapted for your needs.

How to choose your eye makeup remover