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How to care for your eye contour

How to care for your eye contour – Best practices

Eyes may be windows to the soul, but they are primarily a mirror to our skin care habits. Usually, the first facial area to show signs of aging is around the eye contour.

The best way to care for your eye contour is to treat it gently and follow basic skin care rules:

  • • Remove all eye makeup each night
  • • Moisturize your eye contour, morning and night
  • • Wear sunglasses to avoid unnecessary squinting… and the early appearance of expression lines and wrinkles

Removing eye makeup each night

It is important to cleanse your skin at night, whether you are a makeup user or not, to remove traces of pollution, dust, sweat and sebum. The ritual of gently massaging cleanser over the skin also helps to stimulate blood circulation which, in turn, works to nourish skin cells and promote a healthier skin tone. Also using proper products to remove mascara, brow and eye makeup will help maintain your skin’s health and delay the signs of aging.

What are the risks of not removing eye makeup?

Signs of aging are not a risk per se, but more like a mid to long-term consequence of not removing face and eye makeup. Premature aging of the skin may not be a strong enough motivation for some women to care for their skin and precious eyes. So what are the actual risks of regularly going to bed with your eye makeup on?

  • • Frequent puffiness
  • • Red eyes
  • • Dark under-eye circles
  • • Eczema
  • • Breakage and/or rapid loss of lashes
  • • Clogged tear ducts and/or lash follicles
  • • Eye infections: Infections can vary from simple redness to pink eye, and more seriously, follicular conjunctivitis and permanent damage to the cornea

How to remove eye makeup effectively and gently

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate and requires gentle handling. Frequent pulling and stretching can lead to loss of elasticity, firmness and early wrinkles. Lashes can break more easily and fall out before reaching their natural length if they are subjected to undesirable rubbing and excessive, unwanted tugging. Whether you use a cloth or disposable or reusable cotton pad, make sure it is properly moistened with eye makeup remover prior to use. (Marcelle’s cloths are all premoistened and packaged in a resealable pouch, so no worries there. Same goes for the eye makeup remover pads in airtight containers.)

1) Cover one lid with the cloth or pad and press ever so lightly. Wait a few seconds for the solution to dissolve the makeup, especially if you are using long-wearing or waterproof makeup.

2) Gently wiggle the cloth or cotton pad to make sure you cover the entire lid area and that the makeup breaks down.

3) Softly wipe the cloth or pad downwards over the lid, avoiding tugging and pulling as much as possible.

4) Delicately repeat the press, hold, wiggle and wipe routine if necessary.

5) When the upper lid and lashes are clean, flip the cloth or cotton pad to the clean side and gently wipe the area below your lower lashes from the outside in to avoid pulling at the skin.

How to apply eye contour creams

Removing eye makeup on a daily basis is the first way to preserve youthful, healthy skin. The second step is to make sure to properly moisturize the paper-thin area (0.2 mm on your lids) morning and night.

The ring finger is the eye contour finger. It allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure, no more, no less. Put a tiny amount of cream on each ring finger and apply by dabbing on tiny dots on your lower lid, from the outside moving inwards around the eyes, making sure you don’t get too close, since cream can travel along fine skin and seep into your eyes. It is strongly recommended to refrain from applying any cream at all on your mobile upper lid. Gentle patting motions on your brow bone are sufficient to keep the area moisturized.

The best eye creams for a flawless look

The focus should be on hydrating properly twice daily at any age. The skin of the eyelid is the thinnest and most delicate and shows age the fastest. Prevention is key! Whatever your outlook on life, proper, gentle and safe care will keep your eyes happy and bright.

How to care for your eye contour