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How to find the best mascaras for sensitive eye

How to find the best mascaras for sensitive eyes

Mascara opens up the eyes. It gives an instant lift to the eye contour. Short of a caffeine boost, it’s the best product to quickly achieve the “I’m awake” look in a flash. It is a product that should be replaced every three months (do you obey said cosmetic rule?), especially for those prone to eye irritations or infections. Cosmetic aisles and beauty stores are always full of tubes promising to fulfill your wildest dreams for thick and long, luscious eyelashes. But not all lashes are created equal and what gives you that glamourous falsies look simply might not work for another woman. Sometimes it’s about the formula and, for others, the secret is in the brush.

What are the different mascara brushes for?

Mascaras coat, colour, curl, define, extend, thicken, volumize and waterproof. The brush can be polymer or fiber. Did you try both and do you have a preference? Mascara brushes also come in different shapes and sizes. Try different ones to find out what you prefer and what feels most comfortable when applying.



Super tick fiber

For all volume, no clumps. Brushes with generous, thick bristles provide a thickening, multiplying effect.


Polymer, comb-type

Usually best for shorter and/or sparse lashes. A comb will ensure you reach every single lash and minimize the risks of clumps.


Polymer infinity-shaped or hourglass

Think big and bold volume for top to… bottom.


Polymer flex

Adjustable for maximal, buildable results. The different positions help you achieve extreme length, volume and flawless definition.



Skinny, polymer or fiber brush

Best for short and straight eyelashes. Expect curl, length and extreme definition when using an ultraskinny brush.


Polymer, cone-shaped

Ideal for the inner and outer lashes. If you have very short inner lashes or very few of them, a cone-shaped brush will catch all of them.


Polymer curve

Most effective to enhance your lashes’ natural curl. The brush lifts lashes at the root to enhance the curl and gives an even coating from root to tip for enhanced length.

Go big or go long?

If your eyelashes are sparse and short, it is best to privilege a volumizing mascara. More volume will create the illusion of more lashes and open your eyes. Your lashes’ length will automatically be enhanced. If your lashes are of a good natural length, pick a brush that will help curl your lashes and define them even more. Additional volume is always welcome.

Falsies in a tube

If you like the look of lash extensions or falsies, but are not interested in the cost and maintenance, you will need to pack on the volume first and add length afterwards. You can achieve the look by combining your two favorite mascaras or by opting for the Marcelle Xtension Plus Amplify Mascara or Volum’Xtension Electric Mascara.

How to grow back natural eyelashes

Lashes which have been submitted to lash extension glue or weeks of waterproof mascara can always use a healthy dose of conditioner to restore their natural beauty. Lashes lost further to chemotherapy or pregnancy may also benefit from a boost of peptides and vitamins to help grow thicker and stronger faster. Marcelle’s Xtension Plus + Prolash Growth Complex Mascara can help with your eyelash recovery.

Is waterproof mascara damaging?

It’s a good idea to always have a waterproof mascara on hand, but it should not be your daily go-to magic wand for lashes. The formula is safe to use everyday, however; because it is meant to have that ever-lasting hold, it is more difficult to remove from your delicate lashes and that’s what makes waterproof mascara more damaging and not ideal for everyday wear. Waterproof mascara can result in undesirable rubbing for your eye contour and excessive, unwanted tugging at your lashes, possibly causing them to break more easily and fall out before reaching their natural length.

When to use waterproof mascara

The best advice for waterproof mascara is to use it occasionally, when you need the formula to be extra resistant to water, sweat, tears or humidity. Think of a waterproof formula as your go-to mascara of choice for weddings, funerals, playing sports or enjoying nautical activities, a getaway during a hot summer day or to a very humid destination when you will be sweating enough to make your regular mascara run.

Discover Marcelle’s waterproof mascaras:

Make sure to pair your purchase with an oil-based eye makeup remover that effectively and instantly dissolves all traces of waterproof mascara, keeping your lashes conditioned and clean – no rubbing required! The Marcelle Instant Eye Makeup Remover is a fabulous find, waterproof mascara or not.

Feeling blue? Why blue mascara is an eye opener

Reach for a blue mascara instead of using drops if your eyes tend to be a bit red or if you are lacking sleep. Blue mascara makes the white of the eyes seem even whiter. Beat the blues with blue and perk up your face with one simple application.

Buy Marcelle Ultimate Power Volume in Navy.

Safest for the eyes - Did you know?

The Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) established a selection of products, including mascaras, which are deemed safe for the skin. And, like it or not, the skin around the eyes as well as that of the lids, is quite thin and sensitive. The CDA’s Skin Health Program is “designed to help guide consumers in selecting healthy (…) products”. The trustworthy seal means that you can expect that the product is either fragrance free or unscented; is formulated without any of the most common allergens and has low potential for irritation.

All Marcelle mascaras are:

  • • Fragrance free
  • • Hypoallergenic
  • • Ophthalmologically tested
  • • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

In addition, Marcelle mascaras are currently the only ones in Canada to be recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association as part of the Skin Health Program. True eye savers!

How to find the best mascaras for sensitive eye