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Anti-Pollution Protection


Face the City Skin First

Your Anti-Pollution Protection!

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  • Multi-protection
  • SPF 25
  • Enhanced radiance
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  • Antioxidants + soothing effect
  • Enriched with vitamins C, E
    & Bisabolol
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Discover the CiTY line!

Discover the CiTY line!

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Skin and External Aggressors

All you need to know

  • What is air pollution?

    Air pollutants are mainly toxic microparticles derived from exhaust gases produced by industrial activities. They cause micro-inflammation day after day that weakens skin.

  • How does pollution impact my skin?

    Pollution causes skin to become much more sensitive, dry and prone to redness. The complexion becomes duller and pores dilate. In addition, hyperpigmentation and acne appear in dry to oily skin types.

  • What are environmental stressors?

    Air pollution, extreme temperatures, artificial light, UV rays, cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes are all environmental stressors.

  • How do environmental stressors impact my skin?

    Environmental stressors jeopardize skin health. When our skin is exposed to many forms of environmental stressors, it ages more quickly and shows signs of fatigue.

  • True or false: poor environmental conditions increase sebum production.

    TRUE: test results from a study on pollution's effects on skin demonstrate that poor environmental conditions increase sebum production.

  • True or false: pollution is only present in urban areas.

    FALSE: although pollution is present in a lower concentration than in urban areas, it is also present in rural areas. The increasing use of wood-fired heating systems in rural areas results in fine particles air pollution.

The majority of the visible signs of aging are caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure & pollution


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My Anti-Pollution Routine

In-depth cleansing is one of the essential steps of an anti-pollution skin care routine.


Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Gel - Foaming

This ultra-gentle cleansing gel removes impurities while preserving skin's natural moisture barrier.

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Alcohol-Free Soothing Toner

The perfect complement for your routine, this soothing toner eliminates all traces of makeup and impurities without drying skin out.

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3.Moisturize + Perfect

CiTY Multi-Protection Tinted Cream

CiTY Tinted Cream offers long-lasting hydration while protecting skin from environmental stressors and UV rays.

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CiTY Concealer

To perfect your makeup, apply CiTY Concealer to conceal imperfections and dark circles.

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Anti-Pollution Protection