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Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel

A refreshing take on skin protection!

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Fight against dryness and the effects of external stressors with this moisturizing gel that energizes and hydrates for 24 hours. Its invigorating formula, containing antioxidants, cucumber and green tea extracts as well as vitamins C and E, protects against harsh climatic elements while restoring the skin's protective barrier for a bright, glowing complexion. Its ultralight, jelly-like texture is non-sticky and melts into skin, leaving it instantly refreshed with an alcohol-free cooling sensation.


  • OLETH-10
  • RED 4
  • YELLOW 5
  • 100% Hypo-allergenic & perfume free

  • Paraben free

  • Oil free

  • Alcohol free

  • Dermatologist tested

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Customer Reviews

  1. Overall rating

    One night has me hooked

    by Graci on January 16, 2018

    I got this in a Birchbox during the summer- but I just stuck it in along with all of the skincare samples that I have. I ran out of my normal lotion I wear before I go to bed so I tried this. I put it on and I noticed how light weight it felt and how refreshed my skin felt after. The next morning my skin still felt so soft and refreshed! I am buying the full size and am probably a lifetime customer!

  2. Overall rating


    by Charlotte on December 9, 2017

    this product is amazing its my favorite skin care product of all, totally refreshing to the skin and super light weight, doesn't leave any sticky after effect either!

  3. Works overnight!

    by Beauty 101 on November 24, 2017

    This gel is literally miraculous! I received it as a sample and tried it at night not expecting much. Wow! I woke up and my skin was glowing and very healthy looking. It is not oily yet still hydrates your skin. I clean my face and apply this gel at night and in the morning before my foundation. I go to work with glowing skin and everyone asks me what foundation I used because they think it's the foundation that gives that glowy look!! It really works very fast and I still cannot believe it. I just love this product.

  4. Overall rating

    Gelorious moisturizer!

    by JLPgrl on July 7, 2017

    Love love love this quenching moisturizer. My skin just drinks it in and it looks and feels amazing after .

  5. Overall rating

    Love this.

    by Amanda Lynn on June 24, 2017

    Got a sample from birchbox. This was the only thing in the box I loved. I have such dry skin that it peels and rips. This is so refreshing and makes my face smooth and less itchy. When I get a better budget I will be buying this.

  6. Overall rating

    Dry skin

    by Imani on June 18, 2017

    I tried the sample of this product from my June Birchbox and I love it! I have been trying to find a non-scented daily moisturizer, not really a gel but something to moisture my face for the longest and I will purchase the whole product. I highly recommend.

  7. Overall rating

    Amazing moisturizer for combo skin

    by The Best on February 2, 2017

    I have tried so many different moisturizers over the past year, but never really felt like they were doing much for me. That was until I got a trial version of Hydra-C. WOW! What a difference it made! My skin, which is sensitive on a good day, responded so well to the coolness of the product and my skin tone almost immediately evened out. This is so good that I use it in both my morning and my evening beauty routines! Way to go Marcelle!

  8. Overall rating


    by Hope on February 1, 2017

    This stuff is amazing! I received a sample of this in my birchbox and I'm so glad I discovered this product! It leaves me feeling energized and it leaves your skin feeling fresh, radiant, and smooth, and it works great on my combination skin! It's not sticky or greasy at all! Doesn't clog my pores! Love it!

  9. Overall rating

    Love it!

    by HL on December 22, 2016

    Got this product in a Birchbox and I'm in love with it! It goes on so nice; not greasy or sticky at all. My skin feels cool and stays hydrated all day!!!

  10. Overall rating


    by Natalie on December 18, 2016

    I received this product in my birch box, and absolutely love it and will be purchasing more products from this brand.

  11. Overall rating


    by nena on August 14, 2016

    I forgot in my previous review to rated, this is amazing, I will continue buying this amazing product, love it!!!!

  12. Overall rating


    by nena on August 14, 2016

    I got this at birchbox and I'm so happy I found this product, it's amazing, I've noticed a huge improvement in the texture of my skin
    love it and will continue buying it!!

  13. Overall rating


    by Jenna on May 19, 2016

    I got a sample from Birchbox and liked it, so I bought a jar. I am sooo thankful for this stuff! Normally, putting anything on my face causes me to break out, but this stuff doesn't. I put it on after I shower and before putting on makeup and it really moisturizes my skin. It's not dry and flaky anymore. It's really the only moisturizer that has worked for me.

    I'm about to order my 2nd jar.

  14. Overall rating

    Kind to my very sensitive skin <3

    by Mária L on April 26, 2016

    I was hopping for a long long time to find something kind for my skin and this gel has being doing the job!! Alcohol, Hypo-allergenic and perfume free and the ingredients are great! I just don't love the jar, prefer the pomp thing... but over all i really like the product and can't wait to buy some more Marcelle products! Thanks Marcelle ;)

  15. Overall rating

    A Good Line for Men.

    by Gregg on February 10, 2016

    This was suggested to me. And its awesome .. cause its not oily. Men's skin tends to not like oily facial products. This stuff rocks. Easy to apply. No sign your using a product. And man can you feel and see it working. This whole line is great !!!!!!!

  16. Overall rating

    Really Helps My Dry, Sensitive Skin

    by PennyT18 on January 27, 2016

    I purchased this as part of a skincare set from Birchbox. I use this more as a serum beneath a couple of moisturizers since my dry skin really needs help during Winter months. This stuff helps a lot to alleviate that. Works well with the other moisturizers that I use. It also doesn't irritate the redness in my skin. My skin feels so alive after it sinks in and I love that cooling effect. I will be purchasing more soon.

  17. Overall rating

    Moisturizes Well

    by Erika on January 4, 2016

    I have very dry and sensitive skin, so finding a moisturizer that works and doesn't make my skin greasy is difficult. This actually does everything I want! Provides moisture, doesn't overdo it, and lasts all day long under makeup. I haven't had a flaky skin problem while wearing makeup with this, and that's a first for me. The entire Hydra-C line of products have improved my skin drastically.

  18. im in aww

    by belle on May 26, 2015

    I got a sample in birch box and got a good use out of it. I saw that I should get some more when I was cutting open the tube to get more. It makes my skin so soft for a long time and I can feel it hydrating my skin and it feels refreshing every time I use it. I need to get the full size one and that's what I will do.

  19. Overall rating


    by Sara on December 2, 2014

    My sister has initially tried it and then gave it to me. I tried it and automatically noticed that my skin became softer and less dry. I'm buying my own for sure!!

  20. Overall rating

    did wonders to my skin

    by Dina on November 17, 2014

    i have acne prone skin and this is the only cream that helped me clear it! it leaves skin very soft and healthy looking. helps heal acne scars as well. simply love it!

  21. Overall rating

    Just ok

    by Big sister on October 16, 2014

    Smooth moisturizer that I like at night but also a touch stick until absorbs. Skin softer in morning too. Unfortunately the jar wasn't even half filled. Seems like a waste of packaging and my money at that price.

24.95 In stock