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How to choose the best anti-aging products for my age

How to choose the best anti-aging products for my age

The best anti-wrinkle cream is the one that is gentle on your skin and provides visible results on the surface within a reasonable amount of time. A safe formula will be hypoallergenic, fragrance free and dermatologist tested. Marcelle is proud to offer effective anti-aging skin care for both young and mature skin, suitable for even the most sensitive types. The guidelines below should help you find the best anti-aging routine adapted for your skin’s needs.

At what age should we start using anti-aging creams?

There is no right age, but truth be told, prevention can never start early enough. No woman ever claimed to have started using anti-wrinkle creams too early!


In your late teens/early twenties... Focus on:

  • • Using broad-spectrum sun protection (UVA and UVB light)
  • • Moisturizing your skin around the clock
  • • Defending the skin against environmental stressors

We suggest a full regimen that will help maintain your youthful glow as long as possible by preventing, protecting and boosting your skin’s natural defenses.

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In your mid-twenties to mid-thirties... Concentrate on:

  • • Deeply moisturizing your skin to help maintain its healthy plumpness
  • • Minimizing the first signs of aging (fine lines and possibly hyperpigmentation)
  • • Maintaining the skin’s natural radiance
  • • Improving skin elasticity and firmness

It’s important to find products which will be safe for your skin and will help reduce the first signs of aging. Moreover, key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid will help plump the skin and delay the appearance of further signs.

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In your mid-thirties to forties... Consider the following:

  • • Maintaining the skin’s natural radiance
  • • Improving skin elasticity and firmness
  • • Filling in the wrinkles from within to smooth the skin on the surface
  • • Refining facial contours

Though it may pain us to admit it, skin cell turnover and repair is already starting to slow down. Look for ingredients that stimulate microcirculation and that truly make a difference in the skin structure such as peptides.

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In your mid-forties to fifties... Concentrate on:

  • • Regenerating the skin’s natural ability to repair and restore its skin cells
  • • Minimizing the signs of aging (wrinkles, hyperpigmentation)
  • • Redefining facial contours and minimizing the loss of firmness
  • • Enhancing skin radiance
  • • Deeply moisturizing your skin to help sustain its plumpness, firmness, elasticity and radiance

Changes in our hormonal system present increased signs of the times. The skin needs a revitalizing boost to renew its density and show improved elasticity and radiance. Key components such as chicory root extract provide deep nourishment to the skin, plumping it from the inside.

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There are products which can help benefit the skin and minimize the time we spend on our skin care routine. If you prefer to use time-saving multitasking products that still provide proven results, try using formulas that combine both a serum and moisturizer.

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The skin loses its natural radiance, or healthy glow, as we age. Key ingredients will improve microcirculation to revive the skin’s glow and provide a fresh, radiant complexion. If you feel like your skin could use a hint of radiance without reaching for your makeup kit, you might want to try something that contains the necessary actives and perhaps even a very light pink hue to help restore your healthy glow.

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In your late fifties and sixties... Focus on:

  • • Reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier to prevent dryness and dehydration
  • • Deeply moisturizing your skin to help sustain its plumpness
  • • Maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • • Promoting skin cell renewal
  • • Increasing the skin’s radiance

One of the most noticeable changes in women’s skin after menopause is a perceptible loss of moisture. Many women experience the uncomfortable sensation of dryness, as if all the lipids in our face flew out the window with our last period. The thicker, richer textures of moisturizers may become a valuable factor in your skin care regimen. In addition to stimulating the skin’s density, elasticity and firmness, be on the lookout for nourishing ingredients such as cosmetic vegetable oils. The Marcelle Revival+ Ultra-Nutrition creams are also formulated with 24-karat colloidal gold to provide optimal skin comfort and nutrition.

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How do I know if my anti-aging products work?

Skin care products should feel good on the skin at any age. Discontinue the use of any product that seems to cause any irritation, edema or redness. Most anti-aging moisturizers are formulated to show results within the first 7 to 21 days of use. Improvements such as smoother-looking skin and softer skin to the touch should be your first clues that your moisturizers are working for you.

Exercise regularly, enjoy the outdoors with sun protection, drink water daily, dedicate 8 hours to resting and sleeping every night and trust that, paired with your adapted skin care routine, your true radiance will shine from within.

How to choose the best anti-aging products for my age