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Beauty without compromise

What does "Beauty without compromise" mean for Marcelle. We make no compromise in the quality of our product, and in offering the right product at the right price. Proud to be a Canadian brand, formulated for Canadian women and made in Canada, Marcelle is here to help every women find a solution to their needs and to simplify their lives.

Did you know? Marcelle was founded in Chicago in 1874! This is the continuing story of Marcelle from the very first days to present.

1874. Marcelle toiletries are manufactured in Chicago by C.W. Beggs Sons & Co.


1874. Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone at his family homestead in Brantford, Ontario.

1898. The Klondike Gold Rush attracts prospectors to The Yukon.

1901. C.W. Beggs Sons & Co. hits 100K in yearly sales.

1910.The Marcelle brand name is legally trademarked.


1915.Canadian Lieutenant ColonelJohn McCrae writes "In Flanders' Fields."

1919. Marcelle Face Powder and lipstick are available in American apothecaries.

1922. Sir Frederick Banting shares the Nobel Prize for discovering insulin. OR Foster Hewitt makes the first hockey broadcast.

 1933. Dr. Phil Blazer, a Chicago allergist, acquires Marcelle in the throes of the Great Depression.

The hypo-allergenic and perfume-free Marcelle Moisture Cream, Marcelle Night Cream and Marcelle Cold Cream (now Cleansing Cream) are formulated. They are still manufactured today.

1934. Birth of the Dionne quintuplets in Québéc causes an international media sensation.

1939-1945. – World War Two brings women into the workforce.

1949. Marcelle enters Canada and is distributed coast to coast by Montreal pharmacist Victor Cape.


 1957. Dr. Phil Blazer sells the manufacturing rights and US distribution rights to American giant Borden Co.

 1969. Canada becomes a bilingual nation with two official languages—English and French. OR Man walks on the moon.

 1973 Marcelle becomes Canadian! Victor Cape and his son Michael purchase worldwide distribution and manufacturing rights for Marcelle after securing packaging and quality control rights. Their company, Professional Pharmaceutical Corporation, opens Marcelle’s first head office in Montreal. [vintage photo of the building]

 CIRCA 1973 Model and actress Veronica Hamel is Marcelle's spokesperson.

1974. Mikhail Baryshnikov defects to Montréal.

1970s Marcelle continually updates its products and packaging.

1975Toronto's CN Tower becomes the world's tallest free-standing structure OR

1976-Montreal shines during the Olympics... and Apple is founded

1986 Expo '86 opens in Vancouver and charms the world.

1989 The Berlin Wall falls OR

1990 Jean Paul Gaultier designs a cone bra for Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour.

1998 Sex and the City captivates viewers.


Marcelle launches the Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes, which quickly ranks as a top drugstore seller


Marcelle relaunches its tinted moisturizer as the Sheer Tint Fluid Moisturizer with SPF 15. It still ranks today as Canada's top-selling tinted moisturizer.


2003 A pioneer in skincare products, Marcelle launches its first New.Age products, formulated with Matrixyl, a revolutionary wrinkle-reducing complex.

2004 Facebook is born. Marcelle gets tens of thousands of ‘likes’.

2007 Apple debuts the iPhone.

2009 Barak Obama becomes US President.

2012 Marcelle takes Canada by storm by introducing the first BB Cream formulated specially for

Canadian women

2012: Canadian singer Carley Jepson releases her mega-hit Call Me Baby.

2013 Actor Karine Vanasse, starring in Revenge, becomes spokesmodel for Marcelle.

Marcelle launches the CC Cream SPF 35
and DD Cream SPF 25

Marcelle introduces the first products recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association as part of the Skin Health Program


Netflix membership surpasses 50 million worldwide.


Marcelle welcomes to its skincare lineup the first skin perfecting daily corrector: Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector. The Ideal Skin Perfector is to skincare what BB Cream is to makeup: It perfects and corrects the appearance of uneven skin tone, darks spots, pores and fine lines. To suit the skin types of all women, Marcelle targeted a majority of non-Caucasian women of various ages for dermatological testing.

2014 Marcel is honoured with Châteliane magazine’s Top 100 beauty awards

2014 Gluten-free products enter the Marcelle line. (right? Maybe 2013?)

To be continued...